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This section contains plot details.


After the events of SteamWorld Heist, Seabrass tells a his son Toby a story about the time of the heroes.

According to the book, a very long time ago, the gods of the SteamWorld created Necronomicog, the heart of evil and planted in the Behemoth. The hero, Gilgamech fought, won and tear the heart to be buried into the ground. But as time passed his heroism went forgotten and soon full of bandits and mercenaries went to do the deed.

Act 1

In the present, Armilly and Copernica went after a Peppermint Puffer mushroom deep in the Green Finger’s Grove, not long they were ambushed by the guardian chief Gomphus. After defeating the gigantic Mushroom, the learned from a travelling merchant that there a ruckus in Goosebucket.

After they make their way to Goosebucket, they found the town ablaze, Guild Heroes went missing, an army called the Void rampaging the area, and Galleo (who was so clueless he unintentionally stole bread for breakfast during the raid). The trio head to City Hall and fight Captain Canary, the leader of the raid. Canary escaped after he was pinned down by the heroes.

Soon after they put out the fire (per Galleo‘s water supply), the team went to the apple orchard to the Guild Hall

As soon they went for a search for Guild Heroes, the stumbled upon caged Orik whom after the kidnappers.

Soon after that the team learned that the school Copernica went were in cooperation with the Void, the were attacked by a dragon from the same school, given to Captain Canary.

Act 2

After arriving at the school, the team realized that the gates had been sealed from outside. Per Tarah & Thayne introduction, they took the universal key from the woods to opened the locked gate.

Act 3

Arriving at the Cursed Woods, they

Inside the Cursed City,

Act 4

Pursuing the dishonored ancient hero, they ventured through the Darkfrost Mountains to stop him from awaken the Behemoth