Dorothy McCrank

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Dorothy McCrank (known as "Dot" by her friends) is a Steambot from Tumbleton. She runs a small shop that trades in Ores and Gems for cash in SteamWorld Dig. Rusty sells his findings from the mine to Dorothy, who also guides him through his first steps as a miner. She is the daughter of Hank McCrank (known as Cranky to his friends).

Dorothy returns in the 2017 sequel SteamWorld Dig 2 as the protagonist. She has set out to search for Rusty, who disappeared after the events of SteamWorld Dig.


She wears a red helmet with green-eyed goggles, with two appendages resembling twin tails. She is a blue Steambot with a red suit with golden legs and shoulders. She slightly resembles Samus Aran from the Metroid series.

She was redesigned for her appearance in SteamWorld Dig 2. In the sequel, the golden legs and shoulders have been replaced with red ones that match her torso, and she now wears a yellow scarf and carries a yellow backpack. She also now has a visible furnace on her abdomen.