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The Fellowship is the group of main protagonists in SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech.


Age of Heroes (SWQ)

Both Armilly and Copernica went on a quest to look for a Peppermint Puffer to help clean the village well, only to fight against a creature known as Gomphus, they later went back to their village and found out that soldiers of the Void were burning the village. This lead Armilly, Copernica and Galleo to fight against the Void soldiers until they met their leader, Captain Canary and fought against him. [...]


While it is not yet confirmed if the story of SteamWorld Quest really happened or if it's just a ficitional story within the SteamWorld Universe, the Adventures of the Fellowship have been written down by someone and have been passed down for some generations. Dorothy McCrank, Professor Sherman, Dora D. Adventura and seemingly the Red Queen have read the story. The last known person that read the story was Seabrass, who read it as a bedtime story to his son Toby some time before he was eaten by a whale.




  • The Fellowship is a fanmade name since the official name of the group has not been revealed at the moment. Brjánn Sigurgeirsson approved "Fellowship" until they'll reveal the official name one day.