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"A retired legend who sits comfortably in the periphery of heroic deeds. Returning to the life of adventure once again, he lends his skillful blade to those proving themselves worthy. His rationale lies hidden behind an assortment of ornate masks." -Menu Description

Orik is a Steambot and one of the main protagonists of SteamWorld Quest. A samurai and an old hero, he joins the party of the heroes after they free him from a cage.


He is a very gear heavy character. He fulfills the roll of the second DD next to Armilly. Most of his attacks can hit multiples times, depending on how many gears he has at his disposal. But his biggest strength is his masks. He is able to switch trough them during battle, raising his stats or helping his teammates. He is very strong but needs a lot of luck and gear cards to function.


Orik has six masks in his possession, five of which are tied to cards he can use to switch between them during battle. When he switches masks, the old mask's effects remain until the end of the turn, allowing him to stack bonuses by switching often.

Aside from his default kitsune (fox) mask, Orik has:

  • Fujin Mask - tied to Gone With the Wind; raises Orik's storm damage by one grade and changes all outgoing physical damage to storm
  • Fukunokami Mask - tied to Fortune's Favor; heals Orik for 4% of his max health when he takes damage
  • Hannya Mask - tied to Raging Demon; gives Orik a 30% critical hit chance
  • Komainu Mask - tied to Stone Lion; raises all of his defenses by one grade each
  • Tengu Mask - tied to Tengu Dance; raises his evasion by two grades

Orik has an additional "mask" tied to the card Origin (unlocked after completing Chapter 15), which raises his strength and magic damage by one grade each.


He fought alongside Gilgamech back in the day against the behemoth and was his friend. After the battle he stayed at his side and slowly watched him getting corrupted by the thought of reviving the beast and killing it again.

As Gilgamech starts his plans, he starts to oppose him, just to be locked up in a cage, to prevent him from interfering with his plans. Armilly, Galleo, and Copernica happen upon him while following the Void Army and obtain the keys to release him. He doesn't join the party right away but after getting caught in a second cage and being rescued again he decides the group is experienced enough to receive his help.

He is very insecure about himself, as he does not think he is a important person, just a side character while other people are taking the spotlight. He hides his faces behind mask to hide is true feelings. During the course of the game, he comes to terms with himself and the thought of fighting his old friend and drops his mask, talking to the group with an open face.

At the ends he he goes on a journey to find himself and in the credits he is seen, casting his signature fox mask aside, showing that he indeed wants to get rid of his masks and just wants to live as the person he truly is.