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"Smuggler captain Piper Faraday and her trusty pilot, Wonky, hide out in the Outskirts, far away from any royal jail. Brings out the best in her crew."
— Piper's character description (SWH)

Captain Piper Faraday is the lead protagonist of SteamWorld Heist. She is the Captain of her space pirate crew, and is able to use both Handgun and Sharpshooter weapons.


Early Life

Before the events of SteamWorld Heist, Captain Piper Faraday worked as a pilot in the Royal Space Force. Despite not being interested in a military career or politics. One day she's ordered to drop her payload from the air onto a village where "something is brewing". The village was a suspected rebel base but it was then she realized her cargo was full of explosives. She is then faced with the choice of bombing a village which could possibly contain Smallbots or fly away and become a deserter. She and her pilot, Wonky, chose the latter.

SteamWorld Heist



She's very friendly and popular among locals in the docks, and serves as an inspiration to her crew. She tends to bring out the best in people, even if her career choice as a smuggler and pirate was less than celebrated.


Levels Icon Name Type Description
Level 0 Handgun Default Ability to wield Handgun class weapons.
Sharpshooter Default Ability to wield Sharpshooter class weapons.
Power Shot Action Fire a regular shot that deals +1 bonus DMG (3 tCD).
Level 1 Health Upgrade Increase Health by +1.
Level 2 Inspire Passive Nearby allies and herself deal +1 bonus DMG.
Level 3 Power Shot: Cooldown Upgrade Power Shot CD reduced by -1 turn.
Level 4 Area Repair Action Repair all inspired allies (Once per mission).
Level 5 Health Upgrade Increase Health by +1.
Level 6 Inspire: Area Upgrade Inspire now receive allies two tiles away.
Level 7 Power Shot: Damage Upgrade Power Shot now deals +2 bonus DMG.
Level 8 Movement Speed Upgrade Increase Movement Speed by +1.
Level 9 Inspire: Damage Upgrade Inspire now gives +2 bonus DMG.
Level 10 Power Shot: Damage Upgrade Power Shot now deals +3 bonus DMG.


Character Development

Character Conception

Her character was modelled after Katherine Hepburn giving her a headstrong, independent, fair and tough as nails personality.

Final Design

She appears to be a copper Steambot with an admiral-like army cap. She also has a burner in her red-plated chest, a handgun and green plated shorts. Her 'hair' arms appear asymmetrical, with one green and three-fingered, and the other brown, also three-fingered (although hard to make out).

Name Origin



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"At least we’ve found good use for those skills now."
— Piper Faraday to Wonky (SWH)


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  • Piper is the only character with a starting ability at level 0.
  • With her Inspire ability, Piper is the only character that is affected by other characters.
  • Piper is the character with the most stats improvements in odd levels & the most feature improvements in even levels.