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"Too smart for her own good, this college drop-out seeks to break the shackles of the old curriculum and practice her skills outside stuffy labs and libraries. Eager to use her alchemical knowledge for the good of the many." -Menu Description

Copernica is a Steambot and one of the main protagonists of SteamWorld Quest.


She is the mage of the group. Her Arsenal has Ice, Electricity and Fire. She is unable to use arcane magic. She also has the ability to mage barriers that last for 3 turns that blocks all incoming damage to allies/herself. She can also raise her own magic stat and can hit multiple enemys at once.


She is a very practical person. She has studied at the University of Magic, but drop out of it because, she does not like the way they teach there. She thinks magic should be taught to everyone who wants to learn and should be used for the good of everyone, not just for a selective few. She also self doubts herself very often, not knowing if everything she does is really worth her effort.

During the story she faces the new principal of the university, who she actually adored during her time at the university. She is hesitant to fight her at first, but her resolve strengthens, as she stays true to her believes.

At the end, she wants to help Armilly to rebuild the Hero Guild and in the Credits she is seen helping to rebuild the university. Most likely become the new principal and opening the gates for everyone.