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Sally Bolt is a former moisture farmer who took up the position of Bounty Hunter after Royalist drilling destroyed her family's farm. She's stubborn and trigger happy, and can use Handgun and Assault type weapons


Once they lost the moisture farm, Sally's sibling spread out through the Outskirts, leaving her to fend for herself. This farm girl's both stubborn and trigger happy.


When she was a smallbot, she worked on her father's moisture farm with the rest of her family. One day, the Royalists started to drill nearby, and the water turned thick and brown. One by one, her siblings left, till it was just her and her Pa. Then he left. She's been fending for herself ever since


Sally is a bottom-heavy, green Steambot with a gorilla-like demeanor. She has magenta hands and pigtails, and yellow teeth. She joins your crew wearing a Trucker Cap.


Hard headed and quick to shoot, Sally hides a heart of gold behind a hard exterior. She exhibits stereotypical hillbilly traits, including surliness and a questionable intellectual capacity. She misses her family, and her simpler childhood, and would like to go back to living on a slice of land someday, which she mentions often. 


  • Level 0 - Handgun, Ability to wield Handgun class weapons.
  • Level 0 - Assault, Ability to wield Assault class weapons. 
  • Level 1 - Kill Shot, After delivering fatal shot to enemy, get additional shot. 
  • Level 2 - +1 Health. 
  • Level 3 - Mad Dog, Triggers unlimited Kill Shots for one turn. (1 use per mission) 
  • Level 4 - +1 Movement speed. 
  • Level 5 - Berserker, Deals +2 bonus damage when health is below 50%.  
  • Level 6 - +1 Health. 
  • Level 7 - War Cry, Sally and nearby allies deal +2 bonus damage for 1 turn (1 use per mission). 
  • Level 8 - +1 Movement speed. 
  • Level 9 - Mad Dog: Uses, Mad Dog may be used one additional time. 
  • Level 10 (Max) - Berserker: Damage, Berserker now deals +3 bonus damage while active. 


When Guarding

  • Holdin' mah horses!

When Moving

  • Down yonder!

"You sidewinder!"


SallyBolt SteamCard.png


  • Steamworld Heist, 2015