Valentine Butterbolt

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Valentine Butterbolt is a browny-grey coloured Steambot that first appeared in SteamWorld Heist. He enjoys chimney sweeping and is a recruitable member for Captain Pipers crew. He is a Sentry class fighter that is able to use handguns and sharpshooters.


Valentine had a secure life as a chimney engineer. Now retired, he's looking for high adventure. Don't let his shaking fool you, if he's stationary, he's steady.


After losing the love of his life, Valentine only enjoys the comfort of his friends; the chimneys. He upgraded himself with a chimney sweeping kit and became a Royalist chimney sweeper, where he rose higher and higher through the ranks of the chimney sweeping community. Although when he reached the age of retirement, the Royalist government stripped him of his privileges and sent him to a home for senior Steambots. The pain of no longer being able to clean sooty pipes was unbearable, so he escaped from his shackles and joined rebel spaceships as an engineer specializing in pipe cleaning.


Valentine is a browny-grey coloured Steambot with a dirty green cap on his head. He has brown legs and boots, a handgun, a long grey moustache and a beard/coat with yellow orbs. By far his most prominent feature is his upgrade, which allows his furnace to be on his back along with his chimney sweeping kit.


Level Picture Abilities
0 Can use Handguns and Sharpshooter class weapons.
1 Focus: If Valentine doesn't move before shooting, he deals +1 bonus damage (not melee).
2 Health +1
3 Piercing Shot: Fires a shot that pierces through characters (4 turns cooldown).
4 Movement Speed +1
5 Soot Screen: A cloud of soot covers Valentine and allies next to him, protecting them from enemy gunfire for 1 turn. (free action, enemy melee attacks still cause damage).
6 Steady Aim: If Valentine doesn't move before shooting, his aim is much steadier.
7 Intense Focus: Focus now deals +2 bonus damage.
8 Health +1
9 Piercing Shot: Cooldown, Piercing Shot cooldown time is reduced by 1 turn.
10 Complete Focus: Focus now deals +3 bonus damage.


When Entering Level

  • Adventure Time!

When Guarding

  • Catching My Steam.