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"Independent to a fault, these roaming grifters lack a true north and put their trust in nothing but themselves. Being away from home for so long, they've reconciled with the dusty roads." - Menu Description

Tarah & Thayne are Steambots and protagonists in SteamWorld Quest. They join the group after they infiltrate the university of magic.


Tarah seems to be strong and aggressive with a bossy attitude whereas Thayne is shy and doesn’t talk much. Despite their differences they hold obvious affection for each other.


Tarah carries a battle axe while Thayne utilizes a dagger. Both are dressed in a purple hood with an attachment of lavender 'hair' on their foreheads, with long rabbit-like ears. Tarah bears greater evidence of past battles with 'scars' gouged upon her face.


Despite being two distinct characters, Tarah and Thayne function mechanically as a single party member. They are the rogues of the team. They attack with a mix of magic and physical attacks, making them handy against enemies who have resistance against one type of damage. They are also able to use arcane magic or de-buffing the enemy. They can poison, break defenses, steal items or kill them with a single hit depending on the cards. Since they using both sides, it is not very easy to find good equipment and should be used as filling the gaps in the team or just for their ability to be very good in the use of arcane magic.




They live in the cursed city orphanage which gets destroyed by Gilgamech and his legion. Since then, the two live from day to day as thieves and trying to survive. They know the city and the inhabitants of it very well, but they are good and earnest Bots deep in their hearts. They stick together as they see each other as the only thing they have truly left.

SteamWorld Quest

They trust the group and start fighting alongside them against Gilgamech, after the betrayal of the Druid in the Cursed City. They loosing their hometown to the legion as they discover the hearth of the beast was located in the city and coursing it in the first place. Not accepting their defeat, they cheer up Armally, showing her that even they want to keep going and fighting against the legion.

At the end they want to return to the cursed city, rebuilding it now that the coursed artifact is gone.In the credits they are seen together with Galleo rebuilding the orphanage and the city alongside it.



  • Tarah (older sister)
  • Thayne (younger brother)



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